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About Xegy:


Xegy is an innovative business management software system that improves company performance by helping people work more effectively using Information. Xegy integrates procedural roadmaps, process tracking, and change management to raise operational excellence and achieve strategic company goals, while minimizing the time and cost required.

Provides enterprise-grade horsepower and flexibility delivered as a hosted service - (flip the switch) - eliminating the high cost and long implementation timelines associated with internally developed or purchased client server solutions.
Transfers control of strategies, accountability and process from IT to the business person
Makes process improvement affordable for any business from both a time and money perspective
Puts control back into the hands of the business people who understand the goals and requirements
Used by companies around the world with user bases of over 20,000
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Rapid implementations and process initiatives are a near impossible task for the mild-mannered business person.

Introducing your ALTER EGO - Xegy!

Xegy brings you unprecedented power and ease in:

Developing strategies

Mobilizing large groups to execute on new initiatives

Monitoring progress of individuals and teams

Improving strategies


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